Employee Relocation

For some people, there comes a time in their careers when relocation may be necessary

Employee relocation refers to when an employee is required by the company to move to a new location for work as soon as possible. Because it is difficult to liquidate all of one’s assets in such a short amount of time, the company’s human resources department, or a third party company that offers relocation services, will sell the property on the employee’s behalf.

An appraiser is engaged to provide a professional opinion of the value for the property to be sold. In this way, the company has a value to work with, and the employee can rest assured that their property will be sold at the fairest price possible.

We have worked with a few relocations companies to provide them with the appraisals necessary to ensure their clients’ smooth transition to their new home and workplace: Brookfield Relocation Services, Passages Relocation, Relonat, TransferEase Relocation.

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